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Sales & Palmer go tete a claques!

Leigh Sales interview of Clive Palmer on The 7.30 Report on Monday night (28 May) was nothing more than a hysterical woman screaming at a male over some imagined wrong he had committed, which Sales believed was a solid rolled gold fact as Mr Boxhead Shorten would say. Mr Palmer is in court proceedings before a single judge in which certain interlocutory orders have been made; they are not set in concrete and the matter is far from being resolved. Ms Cait Kelly, Daily Mail has come to the aid of Sales and, if it were a male situation, it would be called the old-boy network, stickin up for one of their own. Since it is females, perhaps, we can say it’s the old-broads’ network.  Sales and Kelly are a solid rolled gold pair of dumb arsed reporters.


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