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Queensland annexes New Guinea

This is another fascinating book by Paul Dillon about a little-known area of Queensland’s colonial history. New Guinea is an exotic place. Although Australia released it from its colonial bondage, it will forever remain an integral part of the strategic future of Australia.

Much has been written about far north Queensland and Cape York and their Aboriginal nemesis, but little has been written of the early exploits of colonial Queenslanders in and around the south-east coastal waters of New Guinea and its adjacent islands. This book addresses what academic literature there is on the colonial history of British New Guinea, which is scant indeed.

This book is the only scholarly work written about colonial contact with British New Guinea and the part Queensland played in the development of the country. The book not only contains a historical narrative and analysis of the contact and its impact but also includes a full description of the many marine incidents which occurred between Europeans and Papuans on the coast of New Guinea and adjacent islands.

Available from @ $29.90 plus postage.


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