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The Debasment of Marriage!

The in-word is Domestic Violence. Under its umbrella there are many heads of violence, women only want to talk about the well-worn track of men on women and children, all the rest are ignored. Marriage once controlled and regulated the conduct of the Family Unit: father, mother and children. Marriage is defunct, merely an occasion for a hollow and tawdry display of ego and wealth; by introducing single parents, defactos, no fault divorce, no publication of marital misbehaviour, and same sex nuptials, it no longer has meaning. With the sanctions removed from the obligations once associated with marriage, domesticity has evolved into an ever increasing spectrum of violence. Single parents denying children a happy and fulfilling childhood and in some cases leading to the death of the children or exposure to moral degradation. Treating marriage as an institution of convenience has produced bitter payback scenarios, where retribution in the form of violence seems the only solution. The removal of exposure and shame for marital misbehaviour has left no major control over the conduct of family life. Domestic violence is not going to go away nor is juvenile crime nor the many other varied forms of family violence until women accept as much of the fault as they seek to lay at the feet of men.


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