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Gillard go away.

Julia Gillard is an example of why Prime Ministers should be born in Australia and if not, then debarred from holding that office. Her first weakness was that she wore her pommy upbringing like a raggedy old dress, forever carrying the failures of her father, who blamed the English class system for his failure, as a raison d’etre for her entry into politics. Then she indulged in questionable practises as a lawyer in the Union movement. In politics, she adopted a ruthless policy of stabbing people in the back like Rudd.  When she finally met her match in Abbott, she ran for cover and said she was a victim of and was unjustly discriminated against because of institutionalised concepts of sexism and misogamy. She was a dud from Dudsville, a cracker from Taffy Town, a gumsucker gone troppo.


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