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Kevin 07 high again!

Well folks, Kevin 07 is at it again, what a doozie. I wish he’d wear boxing gloves to bed. The man’s needs to see a psychiatrist. He reckons the Murdock press is biased and the ABC is a straight talkin, honest voice of the people:
Away down South in the land down under,
Brownsnakes and crocodiles,
Right away, come away, right away, come away.
Where Labor’s king and men are chattels,
Murdock’s boys will win the battles.
Yes, I am gwine home.
I ain’t got time to tarry, I ain’t got time to dwell,
I’m bound to de land of freedom, oh, diggars! fare you well.

Mr Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia said: The Murdoch media, through systematic bullying and intimidation, have successfully created a culture of fear in Australian public life.
Sings posum up a gum tree an loony in a holler.
Posum up a gum tree, loony on a stump,
Den over dubble trubble,
Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity Day.

Where da ya gets it folks? Ya can get it joggin, ridin, flyin and fcukin; matter a fact I got it now.

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Emma Husar slut shamed!

Labor backbencher Emma Husar says she was slut shamed which forced her decision not to recontest the Sydney seat of Lindsay at the next election. It was so vicious, she had no ability to come back and stand up for myself. Mr Whelan found merit to a small number of the complaints relating to staff being “subjected to unreasonable management including unreasonable communications, demands, practices and disciplinary methods”. Now Ms Husar claims to be a victim. Indeed, a victim of domestic violence at the hands of men. This was the theme of her maiden speech. She is a qualified primary school teacher of indigenous decent, single and has three children. All that was required of Ms Husar was to be polite and courteous to her staff and the people of Australia. But no, her hubris was so entrenched that all the poor woman could do was buy him a coat; when she came back he was riding a goat. Then she went to the hatters to buy him a hat; when she came back he was feeding her cat. She went to the hosier’s to buy him some hose; when she came back he was dressed in her clothes. The poor thing!

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Kevin 07 escapes Bedlam!

Folks, please stand for a round of applause for Kevin 07 (Kevin Rudd), who said Rupert Murdoch and former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott were a cancer on Australian democracy. Well, I’ll be blowed; never would I have thought such an idea. But there ya go there has never been in the history of Australia such a monumental nut case, fruitcake, mental defective, full blown escaped lunatic as Kevin Rudd, a sook, a cry-baby, a bellyacher, complainer, grumbler, moaner, sniveller, squawker, whiner Labor rat. Yippy yippy that’s all folks.

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Katy Gallagher to stand again!

Katy Gallagher, a Labor dead beat, was thrown out of the Senate for breaching section 44 of Constitution. Now she’s back, without so much as a by your leave, spreading buttercups and daisies as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth; not a care in the world not an ounce of remorse for duping the Australian public. This country is overrun with pommy retreads.

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Katy Gallagher out the door!

Here we go again, another top notched female apparatchik of the Labor party bites the dust-Katy Gallagher, Labor senator who was not an Australian citizen. Gough Whitlam was the great nationalist hero who said we had to dump all this pommy rot and be Australian. Here we have another pommy re-tread in the form of Katy Gallagher, clinging to her pommy boot straps like baby shit to a nappy, all the time drawing a big wage and allowances shouting her mouth off like some scold from Billingsgate fish markets. Then we have Penny Wong crying, she’s too good to lose. There came a girl from London, Who didn’t know how to dance,The only thing that she could do, Was hopping on one foot.

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Gillard and the live export ban!


Of all the huff and puff and the thousands of words spoken and written about the terrorist attack of 30/5/11 on the cattle industries of Australia and Indonesia, may I be permitted to make an observation.

Davis Hicks and Mr Habib, who broke no Australian law nor damaged any Australian property or person were tortured and flogged by the then Australian Government.

That terrorist outrage which was not about cattle per se but militant animal rights wrecked the lives of many Australians and Indonesians. Yet the media organisation, the ABC that exploited and manipulated the heart felt mercies of tender Australians, for base reasons has walked free and continues to wear the regalia of moral turpitude and duplicity in promoting the advancement of Peta Animals Australia.