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Shorten and the gay bags are running for cover!

Shorten and the LBT (lettuce bacon & tomato) brigade, there is only about 5000 clinically diagnosed gay and all sorts in Australia. There is an equal number of hangers-on who revel in the idea of the third sex and its variations but in the scheme of things the lot of them wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans. The total number of same-sex marriages registered in New Zealand in 2014 was 486, compared to 19,639 opposite-sex marriages. Shorten knows Aussies are not gonna fall for this same sex crap; so he has grabbed his bat and ball and run off home as any schoolyard cry-baby would. Good on him I say, that has saved us a heap of money not having to pay for these suckers tormenting the rest of the country; they are a minuscule number of people, not worth the trouble.


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