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Barnaby is the target of envy!

Wee Willie Winkie rins through the toon,

Up stairs an’ doon stairs in his nicht-gown,

Tirlin’ at the window, crying at the lock,

“Are the weans in their bed, for the shirt-lifters are about?”

One thing Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion have that all these other nasty oopsies don’t have, is dear little baby Sebastian. When ya a desiccated, wizened piece of LBT who’s spent a life cockin ya arse at anything that moves in a gay mardi gras, it would be niece to come home and settle down with a wee bairn. Envy, dear reader; envy.


Where am I?

Mate, the older I’ve got, the more I believe I’m living in an upside-down world where the shit has gone to the top and the cream has fallen to the bottom and nothing makes sense anymore and one can’t just suck it and see either. I checked the News, why I don’t know, because it’s all fake news anyway and what do I find, two hollow heads making news based on their worldly wise know-all: dickbrain Paul Burrell, who’s in the jungle currently, spoke to a chimp who had danced with a chimp who had had an aba daba honeymoon with Duchess Fergie, who’d told the chimp, Prince Charles would die before the Queen – so there ya go! The other is a dumb broad called, Ros Heines who writes fake news drivel, an even purer form of bullshit and she says Vikki Campion should go on supporting parents benefit because Barnaby Joyce is a bounder and a cad and a man to boot – so put that in ya pipe and smoke it, all you goddamn arse-lickin, no-hopein men!