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Who put pussy in the Well!

Mamamia, Fake News Incorporated, is in on the act again, Punch and Judy, aka Barnaby and Vikki. Up until now, Barnaby has had to sit on the cutty stool and a take tongue lashing from feminists, homosexuals, left wing looneys, Labor party dead beats, crazies, men haters, the BLT bigrade, and sundry other f***ers. When all along, all he did was to haul her into bed and covered up her head just to keep her from the foggy foggy dew. But somehow, he got that wrong and when he replied: Me, Sir. Not I Sir, I was up country with the Minister; he has gotten into even more shit. The question I have is, whose turn is it now to sit on the cutty stool, surely not Mamamia, they’re only doing their job!