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Liberal Party lookin for Gals!

The kind of women who would rather mow the lawn with their teeth than … Oranges and lemons, say the bells of St. Clement’s. Yes! We have no bananas, we have-a no bananas today. We have coconuts, walnuts and doughnuts but we have no bananas only all sorts of nuts. Female nuts with vaginal teeth, monkey nuts, parliamentary nuts, Labor nuts, Senate nuts and female Liberal party nuts, there ain’t many nuts like them. Ms Julia Baird writing in the Canberra Times said Liberal women are, finally, and spectacularly, rebelling. Hoorah for Julia. What we don’t need in Parliament she added is any bananas; they have been found to have too much testosterone, infertile rhetoric, too short in the dangle, too much bully round the head and ooze too many red-herrings. What we need Ms Baird said is more women, glorious women, bright and cheeky gals who can cock their arse at any ole bloke. There ya go, take it from the horse’s mouth!