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Senator Fraser Anning said bum again!

Howdy folks, Senator Fraser Anning is in the shit, doo dah, doo dah all day long. He said the final solution to the Asian and Muslim immigration issue was a national plebiscite of the voting citizens, a perfectly reasonable proposal. However, he fell into a linguistic trap. Since WWII, public figures are not permitted to use such words as “final solution” and other NAZI words and phrases. Who says this, well a bunch of left-wing looneys from the German left and of course, the crybabies here in Australia like, Penny Wong aka Penny Dreadful, Tony Burke aka Loopy Lou and Bill Shorten aka Daddy Long Lies. Also Senator Anning said more than half of the working age Muslims don’t work, when he should have said less than half of the working age Muslims don’t work, who really gives a continental? They don’t work, Capiche. So pack up ya bags and sashay down the yellow brick road to a hoedown with the looney left if you’re a fair dinkum true blue Aussie.


One thought on “Senator Fraser Anning said bum again!

  1. Adrian says:

    Well done Paul! I’m pleased to discover I’m not the only person in Australia who recognised the merit of Fraser’s speech – AND was able to comprehend his proper use of the English language, in proper context. What the looney left – and all their bleating, psychophantic followers including the prime minister – don’t seem to understand is that Adolf Hitler doesn’t own the English language.

    So blinded by their fabricated outrage that they COMPLETELY MISSED a lot of really good stuff that the visionary senator had to say.


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