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Domestic Violence!

Well me old hearties here we go again, the domestic violence stick to beat men over the head with but more importantly to continue the feminist propaganda of blaming men for all the ills in the world is being paraded round the table again. We are told by the homosexual elements of the world that gender is not a fixed determinant but a matter of choice, and rigidity in questions of social and sexual intercourse should be rejected and always remain a matter of choice as the individual is a sovereign person at liberty to define their own status and happiness. It has nothing to with the church or the state. Feminists have constantly been shifting the debate in a way to remove all blame from women in regards any association or dealings with men, eg the crapola over female consent to sex: women reserve the right to with draw their consent, post-coital tristesse. Now we find that the results prove that domestic violence, in its most dangerous form, is overwhelmingly committed by men against women. Until women acknowledge and accept that they are just as culpable as the man in a relationship and drop the bullshit about men stealing their affection and love the story of sex and violence will go on ever.


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