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Since when did Gays rule the world?

Tony Jones, the ABC and Q&A are simply outlets for left wing propaganda and don’t represent the silent majority. Moreover, the audience is made up of people born after 1980. The AIDS epidemic was a terrifying time to live and created a good deal of uncertainty in the community. Catherine McGregor who has been subsidised by the tax payer for most of her life is hardly an appropriate commentator. Recent events such as the same sex marriage plebiscite are hardly proof the community wants homosexuality as the bedrock of the State. It simply means gays may marry. Gay people should pull their heads in and get on with their life, not preach to other people.



2 thoughts on “Since when did Gays rule the world?

  1. So true. I’m gay but I’m just so tired of the media obsessing over us and acting like we need 24/7 protection and politicizing us over & over again. Identity politics is ruining the political apparatus by empowering social justice warriors who know nothing about tangible issues

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