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Brisbane bicycle demo-run over the bastards!

Bne 22 July 2017-Bicycles, bicycles and dammed bicycles, they are a goddamn fool of a contraption inherently unstable, mainly used for entertainment. Only a daredevil would ride them in an uncontrolled environment. Cyclists are another sector of the great unwashed masses who live off the charity of the taxpayer/ratepayer and whinge about not getting a fair go. They are unlicensed, ride unregistered vehicles and make no contribution to the upkeep of the road system as a whole. Anybody who would ride a bike on the road system as it exists today needs to seriously look at the odds of survival. It is tough enough driving a car with its built in safety features. Cyclists need to be licensed and pay the same fee as a motorist; they further need to pay a flat fee of $500 to operate their bike on a roadway and a poll tax should be levied on all riders for highway upkeep and furthermore, keep off the footpaths. Capiche!


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