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ABC to offer satay Bali dog & peanut sauce in its staff cafeterias!

On or about 19 June 2017,  ABCTV ran a program on the sale of dog meat on Bali based on the alleged journalism of Animals Australia’s campaign director Lyn White, who, incidentally, is a well know loony when it comes to animal rights campaigns. The thrust of the program was not that dog meat is not a protein which is good for humans and is also cheap but that the dogs were cruelly treated in the process of turning the animal into a product fit for human consumption. Of course, the program was a beat up by the loony left of the ABC which in fact controls the corporation. Eating dog meat may be repulsive to a sun dried Skippy who happens to be a little vegan but to the desperately poor in Bali it is a source of protein and an efficient way of getting rid of or reducing the number of rabid dogs on Bali. Now if the Balinese had set up street stall to sell bar-b-qued, finger lickin unwanted babies to tourists as a quick way to reduce the population of the island then that may naturally be of concern. But what in god damn tarnation has the sale of dog meat in Bali got to do with Australia or the ABC for that matter.


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