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Australia is in danger of becoming a dumping ground for refos!

Our Country. Poor old Pauline Hansen got it right when she spoke of the Asianisation of Australia. What I can say with certainty is that aborigines of whatever degree of blood will never reclaim Australia and when the Asians take control, they will feel no guilt or obligation to aborigines. The current skippy population have this self-destructive urge to give away their birthright and hand the country over to every deadbeat who knocks on our door: Come in, what would you like, my house, my job? We’ve got plenty; Labor will write you a cheque, no worries. Then there is the Muslims, who are Asian all so which everyone forgets and waffles on about women and the veil. There is another group of skippy loonies, the Aussie feminists; they’ll be out the backdoor too with the Asians. Altruism is an act to promote someone else’s welfare, even at a risk or cost to oneself. Dear old Bob Santamaria had a lot of theories; mine is, if you live in a welfare state like Australia, where all you have to do is wail like a baby and Labor comes running with a dummy, then you know no better.


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