Curtis Cheng’s son asks Pauline Hanson not to cite his dad’s death

Alpha Cheng is entitled to his view. If he wants to turn the other cheek and do the Christian thing and forgive and forget, then I suppose that is his prerogative. However, Mr Cheng can not bind other people who want to protect and stand up for their country. Mr Cheng has little or no cultural investment in this country. He came here because it offered a better way of life and a higher standard of living to him and his family as it also did for Farhad Jabar. Both men seem to think that they can trash and destroy this country as their mother countries have been destroyed and the Australian people will just sit back and cop it sweet. Ms Hanson is the champion of those who seek to restore and protect Australia from hoodlums and deadbeats who think Australia is a soft target.


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