Paul Dillon

Hi, I have a number of books at Amazon kindle which you may care to purchase and read. Some are fiction and others are biographical. They all are a good honest read and even if I say so myself their writing and style are excellent. Paul Dillon, the author, holds a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) degree from the Australian National University, a diploma of Law from the Supreme Court of New South Wales and was called to the Bar of New South Wales on 23 May 1986. He has practised as a Barrister at Law in the Criminal Division of the superior courts of Queensland at Townsville for twenty years as counsel for the accused. He retired from the Law in 2005. He has authored the following books: Edward Dillon, The Forgotten Boroondara Warrior of Bench, Bank and Borough ISBN: 978-0-646-94176-9 Format: Soft Cover, Australian History; Edward Emmet Dillon, The Man who would not Fall-in! ISBN: 978-0-646-94260-5 Format: Soft Cover, Australian History; Dillon of the Cross, Centre of Cork ISBN 978-0-646-94514-9 Format: Soft Cover, Irish History; RED CENTRE, DEAD CENTRE: The true story of Peter Falconer, ASIN: B01680TBX2, Kindle Edition; NGANBERRA: Me sit down country, ASIN: B016QTORC0, Kindle Edition; & The Forgotten Boroondara Warrior by Paul Dillon, ASIN: B018LN7Z46, Kindle Edition. Here’s to good reading.


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