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Pauline backed by majority of Aussies!

Whenever there is a debate in Australia about what is good for Australia, the Skippy side, the true blue side, always have to fight with one hand tied behind their back to give the blow-ins, the refos and ethnics a fair go. Take Soutphommasane, he’s a card carrying member of the ALP and a refo himself. Of course he would denounce Pauline Hanson. He would be out of job if the ethnic industry collapsed. In fact, he is head of the industry as Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner.

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A cup of tea given as a gesture of reconciliation for the billions handed out to Aboriginals by the taxpayer!

Well may you say, it’s how a person behaves toward others that counts? If every aboriginal person went off welfare and accepted responsibility for their own actions rather than put their hand out and justify their aggression to ordinary Australians on alleged past and imagined present acts of racism then the wider community may feel more comfortable. But given the daily insults and ethnic revenge taken against ordinary Australians, one can only wonder at aboriginals who appear surprised that an Australian might question their motives, behaviour and general demeanour. A cup of tea is hardly a return shout for the taxes handed out over the years.