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AFL goes Apeshit over Bananas!

Yeah, well there ya go. Who owns the game of AFL? Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi. Ya know there is a very old saying that I had to rely on as a kid: Sticks and stones may break my bones by names will never hurt me. What crime did the woman commit and who has jurisdiction over her? All are agreed she threw a piece of fruit onto the field whilst a game was in play. She has been fined for disorderly behaviour by South Australian police a total of $543 plus a police barring order for six months. Hosch, AFL said the throwing of a banana and its association with slurs on indigenous Australians and other cultural groups, is deeply racist and offensive, and should be rejected by every part of our game; as a result the woman is banned indefinitely from attending any Port Adelaide games in the future. Eddie Betts says, we go out there to play footy and to entertain. We don’t want to be fearing for (our safety) and dodging stuff that comes onto the field. The Police and Betts see the incident as a public safety issue which in the scheme of things is fair enough and on the scale of punishment the woman should have got a warning and community service. $543 seems pretty vindictive for a first offender. As for the AFL, they need a lesson in word association or better still psychiatry: banana triggers monkey, monkey triggers Aboriginal; it this really the mindset of white Australia? It seems to me that the AFL have a template of clichéd racial slurs and insults that if trigged, will bring down upon the offender not only the wrath of God but that of the AFL. The better approach is to calmly examine each alleged incident on its merits. The convict overseers of Botany Bay have risen once again from our dim past and assumed the avatar of the AFL.