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Q&A to be taken over by Yassmin Abdel-Magied!

The good old ABC is at it again; any and every opportunity to kick Australia in the guts the ABC will take with relish. Tony Jones, the flog extraordinaire, couldn’t resist running with the ABC’s deadbeat Yassmin Abdel-Magied, so to give the show a bit of oomp he asked on Q & A what the Canadian flog John Stackhouse thought about Yassim and the British flog Mehdi Hasan, as if either of these okies would know?

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Sarah Ferguson, the harpy par excellence

This woman Ferguson has run round the country for the last few years as a one woman wrecking ball starting with Indonesia and live export and now offending Nauru with a baloney, fraudulent show about refos who voluntarily came to Nauru for economic reasons. The hierarchy who run the ABC are gutless and couldn’t control a sloth in torpor and as for the Federal government why it hasn’t knocked the ABC off it perch, I’ll never know. Look how the ABC rolled Howard and nothing was done or said about these leftwing jerks running the ABC.