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Shorten urges bank inquiry after rate snub

We don’t need an inquiry into the commercial banks but we do need an inquiry into the Reserve Bank and monetary policy. The commercial banks are running a business not a charity for a bunch of welfare and Labor deadbeats. A ridiculously low cash rate is bad for business. The commodity, money is worth more than the current cash rate of 1.5%. The Reserve Bank has or will drive depositors away from the money market run by the commercial banks who will put their saving in other income earning safe havens. Without ready cash a commercial bank can not operate. The Reserve Bank is run by a bunch of unelected hoodlums who have systematically destroyed the Australian economy, destroyed the Australian dollar, destroyed the Equity (share) market and more importantly destroyed the capital wealth of middle class Australia. They have pursued an obsolete policy of driving down the cash rate in the vain belief that this will stimulate investors with capital to borrow and spend. However, it has had the reverse effect and has frightened people into fearing that the future is fraught with economic chaos and failure