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Tayla Harris & Mr Beaver!

Hi de Ho folks, I’ve been off the air for a while. However, I just saw the now-famous photo of AFLW player Tayla Harris. The first question I want to ask is who is takin the photo? Is it photographer Michael Willson takin a beaver shot of Harris or is Harris takin a beaver shot of Willson? I don’t watch footy of any description or code on TV because there was a time when the rule was, no images or footage of women below the waist but for male rugby players the cameraman was allowed to take all the up-the-leg shots he could get for the gay fans, so most TV coverage of rugby was of jock straps. If women are not going to complain of perv cameramen and the coverage will have a fair content of beaver and arse shoots, then Hi-de-hi-de-hi-di-hi! Ho-de-ho-de-ho-de-ho!



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