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Christine Ford: I ain’t even crazy!

Folks, the world was a pretty happy place until the feminists took over; we’ve had fifty years of it. Isn’t it about time we had a review of the damn thing. It seems to have become crazier and crazier as the years go by. In the beginning, I always thought there was good reason why the world was organised the way it was and then the feminists started their nonsense. It seemed to be that our earthly fathers, the wise old men of the community, couldn’t seem to remember why women should remain in the home as good mothers to their children. We had about seventy years of communism; then one day someone in Russia woke up to the fact, after billions of roubles had been wasted and billions of lives had been destroyed, that communism wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. It didn’t deliver man from the daily drudge. In fact, it ground him further into the mire of despair. Did any of you watch Christine Blasey Ford? This woman has clear mental health issues. She has no grasp of reality. She is living in a fog of deranged feminist ideology, a dupe ready to throw her life and reputation away to further the cause. This woman, Ford, is no different from the female hysterics who threw themselves in front of race horses at Epsom. Why would you go on national TV and swear an oath and give evidence of an event that was thirty years old to which there was not a shred of corroboration. Now Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., 69, a geriatric for Christ sake, says she’s going to run in the 2020 Presidential elections. She was decrying President Trump and Senate Republicans for digging in behind Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, the embattled Supreme Court nominee who has been accused of sexual assault. If an individual is sexually assaulted, he or she should report the matter immediately to the police; not wait thirty years to make some dumb arsed statement for political or ideological reasons, which cannot be corroborated. Capiche!


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