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Senator Hanson-Young flips her lid at the burqa!

I rarely have anything favourable to say about the ABC and I was surprised by their 4 Corners’ programme dealing with the Greens; exposing the Greens as a bunch of dangerous left-wing lunatics. The programme clearly showed how out of touch the Greens are as a party with reality and how immature and naïve party members are who are all recipients of welfare in the form of study payments. I am of the opinion that most, if not all, Green members and party faithful suffer from some form of mental health issues. The latest out burst by Senator Hanson-Young over Pauline Hanson’s wearing of the burqa in the Senate clearly demonstrates Senator Hanson-Young is mentally unstable and unfit to hold the office of Senator; Ms Hanson-Young said a stupid stunt, I think Ms Hanson-Young meant to say she was a stupid ctunt! Ms Hanson was simply trying to demonstrate how dangerous Muslims are.


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