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Raina Thaiday, is this a cover-up?

Raina Thaiday: This is a classic case of a let off. When women commit domestic violence the system works overtime to avoid women being convicted of that offence and the more serious sub-offence like murder, i.e. Forgotten Baby Syndrome (what a cop-out, after leaving your baby to suffocate in a sealed car.) Compare and contrast Thaiday−a break-up of her relationship with the father of her younger children (mind you, several fathers), conflict with others, financial pressures (hard to believe, given the welfare she’d be on with 8 kids), and on the fateful night, some of the girls didn’t catch the bus home, kills eight children. Verdict: unsound mind. With Robert Farquharson suffered from avoidant personality disorder and bouts of depression, and sought the assistance of a psychologist and later a psychiatrist to deal with the separation. Kills three kids; sentenced to 33 years.


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