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Labor has destroyed the Australian way of life!

What the Labor party won’t acknowledge is its responsibility for the cultural degradation of the Australian way of life. Labor has always argued that they have liberated groups or made a fairer distribution of the wealth. But all they have done is introduce Hollywood morals and run up debt. There has been a seismic shift in our society as gay and feminist factions of the Labor party have sought and have, indeed, been successful, if not in destroying the patriarchal system, at least in dismantling it by constantly creating a demand for information against the old system by introducing benefits and payments for those who come forward and allege any form of abuse. Anecdotal stories by Labor dupes with their unhappy memories of the ancien regime are an integral part of Labor strategy to ridicule and make fun of the good old days. The level of societal dysfunction now across the broad fabric of Australia is uncontrollable compared to the drunken domestics of old that if researched, probably had they geneses in the fact that most men of those days were suffering varying degrees of war neurosis.


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