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Labor says fathers are to blame for low literacy standards!

If you create a demand you get a supply. When Whitlam paid all single mothers a handout for every child they had notwithstanding, female reproductive medicine had reached its apogee with the pill and safe abortion, the fabric of society began to sunder. It shattered when society took a left wing upper cut from the feminists who announced fathers were of little consequence in the scheme of things and, although the jury was out, the empirical data suggested the family would be better off fatherless. This inturn led to the idea that a family consisting of a single mother with offspring from disparate males maybe a beneficial advancement. Now we have  Labor Ministers attacking fathers for the appalling literacy standards of the nation’s children and their barbarism as a group. At the risk of calling down the wrath of the Banshees, I would venture the better all rounds students come from traditional father/mother families.


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