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Nasty tactics!

Folks, didja hear about the nasty tactics? No! Well the ABC has got the whole story, kit and caboodle, fair dinkum: Peter Dutton’s backers refused to leave Liberal Party members’ offices. Wow, what a scoop, doo dah, doo dah day. Good on ya, tell us anothery, dirty as buggery. In the fallout from the torrid affair, Victorian Liberal MP Julia Banks announced she would quit at the next election following the “bullying and intimidation” she faced, while her Upper House colleague Lucy Gichuhi has threatened to name and shame the worst of the culprits. Struth the sheilas are quittin, and the Japs are comin, who’ll save me now? When ya feelin glum put ya finger in ya bum and whistle while ya work. Don’t leave me Malcolm, give me five minutes more, only five minutes more.