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Labor senators call for party to block marriage equality plebiscite legislation

First we need to ask ourselves, how many gays are there in Australia and what benefit may arise from introducing same sex marriages. The statistics reveal that gays of any type or description make up a minute percentage of the population probably less than 1%. Therefore, let us turn to New Zealand where same sex marriages have been legislated. The total number of same-sex marriages registered in New Zealand in 2014 was 486, compared to 19,639 opposite-sex marriages. These figures would suggest that the issue of same sex marriages in Australia is out of proportion to the social good that might be achieved. In other words, the community is be wagged by a minuscule number of people. Moreover, the reason the gay lobby is against the plebiscite is because they will lose it. The vast majority of Australians are not going to be high jacked by a noisy minority.