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Red Hen goes apeshit!

Folks, the Red Hen, America (Lexington, Va.) not to be confused with the Red Hen of Australia that Welsh rabbit, Julia Gillard, another ravin, fumin, smokin, dumb broad from the left of sanity, has escaped her pen and run amuck in the chitlin fields of middle America. If Sarah Huckabee Sanders had been a nice little black or ethnic okie from the underbelly of America where the sun never shines and everyone wears white shoes, then the shit of the do-gooders would have hit the fans of the righteous and the good Lord Almighty, would have laid a thousand doo-dahs! doo-dahs! De blind hoss sticken in a big mud hole—Doo-dah! doo-dah! Can’t touch bottom wid a ten foot pole—Oh! doo-dah-day! Stephanie Wilkinson, co-owner of the Red Hen, is a horse’s arse!


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