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Same sex marriage can only be achieved by plebiscite!

The reason a plebiscite needs to be held to approve the amendment to the Marriage Act to allow same sex couples to marry is quite simple. There has never been a civilisation or government that had as one of its cardinal principles same sex marriage; no society has had as a foundation stone the principle of same sex marriage. Homosexuality may have been tolerated as one of the many forms of sexual practices but it was never elevated to a core principle in the advancement and furtherance of society. Even Gillard acknowledged and supported the view that the teachings of the Bible and the principles of the Judeo-Christian system of belief are core principles of our society. Where a society has had at its core a Judeo-Christian belief system on which the foundations of the society are built and manifested in its laws, then fundamental changes to those laws which cannot be described as meeting improved conditions but would, if implement, not only destroy an existing principle but in fact introduce a new principle for conducting daily societal activities and where future members of that society are taught that the old concepts are wrong, bad and discriminatory, then such changes not only but must be made by a public vote clearly demonstrating that the majority require these core values to be changed.



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