Is Sam Dastyari REALLY a Muslim? And if not, am I am REALLY a Christian?

Alys Gagnon give’s a break from your claptrap. Mr Dastyari is a can of worms when it comes to religious, civil and political views. His parents were Iranian revolutionaries who obviously didn’t like the Shah and on reflection, it appears they didn’t like the Ayatollah either and thus came to Australia, no doubt as good living Shia Muslims. Not only does Mr Dastyari identify as a Muslim Shia and drink alcohol as you say but he also supports same sex marriage. Now drinking a beer as a member of the Looney Labor party may be excusable but I can not see how a Muslim of any degree of commitment could remain a Muslim and support homosexual activities of any kind. The real question Ms Gagnon is: Is he an Aussie, is he Lizzie?  Is he an Aussie, Lizzie, eh? Is Dastyari an Aussie, Lizzie?


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