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Grand Mufti congratulates Melbourne Muslim Man for judical work!

Cairo 15 July 2017−The appeal decision in the camel and fellahin case has just been handed down in Cairo by the Grand Mufti of al-Qahira. The unanimous ruling of the court is that the she camel must leave the village. The camel boy has been completely exonerated. The Grand Mufti said he wanted to thank the well known Muslim man from Melbourne who wrote the leading judgment. He added that he totally concurred with the decision. People who come to court seeking support for their actions must come with clean hands. The camel certainly did not. In outlining the reasons for the decision, he said it was not against the law for a man to lie with a camel provided it was consensual. However, in this case the man was blameless but the she camel was not; firstly, she had failed to obtain the consent of her owner and secondly, it had been shown the camel had been part of the harem of Abdul, the bull camel. Since it had been shown that she was not clean, the liability lay with her and she must accordingly be banished from the village for scandalous and lascivious behaviour.


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